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Welcome to my website this might be your first introduction to me and Santa Cruz. Or you might already be a long time resident ready to buy or sale. You have come to the right place as a lifelong resident of this amazing community I have lots of insights to share. It could be anecdotes about Santa Cruz, the history, politics or recreation or more importantly how tobuy a home or sell a home here. I have been a realtor since 2004 I have been full time the whole time it has not always been easy or fun, but it sure is never boring.

Santa Cruz is often misunderstood as a beach town, tourist area or a simple small town. It is not any of things as a whole, but a complex county mixed with people who are working for change in the world, or excelling in their sport, going to college or just living in their hometown they were born in. There is an authentic element to Santa Cruz and the people that live here that cannot be ignored and that energy is electric. On top of all that this beautiful bay offers, surfing, paddle boarding,sailing, fishing, trails for hiking, bike riding, walking and so much more it can be a hard area to resist living in.

To Have a Real Discussion About Santa Cruz, Call Me

You are ready to purchase but where what area would fit you and your lifestyle? How I help you do this is you tell me what you want but more importantly have you visit areas with me to explain the different nuances in each area. Truly a house can be anywhere that is the right size, style and shape it is the location the ultimately impacts the decision.

Have you found your dream home somewhere else. Are you are ready to move on, I have helped many sellers sell and move to many parts of the U.S and the globe, and using a calming guidance I have effectively sold homes for people while they are buying their next home and navigating a new territory for their new life. And because I work with buyers moving to this area, I can help you market and negotiate with success.

Moving to Santa Cruz

I encourage you to call me, email or text me to see if my knowledge and experience is a fit for you.

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