Have you been asked this question before? I have a new listing and I got a very excited call from a buyer. She wanted to see the home as soon as possible almost out of breath! I said "okay we can get you in, do you have an agent?" She said "yes, I am waiting for him to call me back" I said very nicely "okay, have him call me." She sounded a bit defeated I think she wanted to see the property right away but that was not going to happen. We have to make appointments with tenants and put the logistics together. But mainly I want her agent to show her, go over it with her to help her consider if it is a good fit. 

I happen to work with buyers and sellers and as a listing agent these calls are a common occurrence.

In past years only agents called…

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Buying a home is a scary prospect and I typically find that buyers who are not scared are either not really going to buy a house or have bought a home before. And some have had experience through family or friends and the prospect is not that worrisome. 

Why is it scary? There are lots of reasons…

For a couple this can signify a bigger commitment than marriage because now there is mortgage. Mortgages are not easy to dissolve and may prove harder to dissolve than the marriage.

Fear of the unknown, the housing market goes up and down and where it will go nobody knows.

Buyers worry about their jobs; people’s jobs are no longer stable. This fact has changed in the last 5 years. People get laid off or have to move for their job quite frequently.

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