Congratulations! Did you get accepted into UC Santa Cruz? Yay! Wait, where am I going to live? After the first year of on-campus housing, where do you go?

Full disclosure: I'm a realtor. I don't do property management; I'm not a property manager. I do know a little bit about the rental situation here in Santa Cruz, but I know more about buying a home for your student to live in while they go to school. So I'm going to give you some resources for renting and some ideas, things to keep in mind when you're looking to rent. I'm going to talk about when the rental situation just gets too crazy, what else you could do, which would be buy.

I have a couple websites I'm linking. That is the student housing services for UCSC. It really is very…

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Who pays for home staging? 
A good question, realtor, seller maybe both, but it is worth it. Sometimes realtors pay for it, but may increase their commission, sometimes sellers are just fine paying for it and splitting the cost is always a good idea as it really helps the seller sell fast and helps the realtor market it properly.

Professionally staged homes are eye-catching and can encourage more buyers to consider your property, even before they see it in person. The first impression is always online and it is important to stand out because the listing literally has about 30 seconds to catch someone's eye the only other way to do it outside of that is price. 

Staging can help create that emotional connection between a buyer and your home by…

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