Looking back at all the successful transactions I have had and combing over the best experiences that I believed have been had either on the buying and or selling side. The smoothest of transactions that I have seen is where the buyer and sellers have been flexible. 

Now I am not saying the buyer asking for money back and the seller said yes. Or the seller has come to the buyer and said I am taking all the appliances. I am talking about we need another day or two here to move out, or we need extra time on our loan. And instead of fighting it, the happiest of buyers and sellers evaluated what would work for them and we worked it out!

I always say it is either time or money and often times that is really all most of the transactions boil down to. But…

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400+ Free Stress & Anxiety Illustrations - Pixabay

Are you thinking of buying? have you heard it is stressful? It does not have to be. There are some simple ways to make the experience a good one maybe a little nerve wracking but should not be keep you up at night! Here are some simple tips. There are more but let's start here.

Buyers first make a mental note or written list of three non-negotiables and three "would love, but could live without". For example here in Santa Cruz it might be anywhere Santa Cruz, and three bedrooms and the home must be in fairly decent condition. And three "would love but could live without." Would love to be in the city of Santa Cruz, near a school and a big yard. The idea is to understand what you can live without because in all my buyer consulting conversations I…

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As a local agent I see out of area agents selling homes here and I think what are those buyers doing? Why are they not using a local agent! But as a listing agent I see some fantastic offers come across my desk from out of area agents and they are good offers with very small details. Their offers are clean, what does that mean it means there are no gotcha's little details put on the offer that can become big problems. The buyer has a house to sell, the buyer wants the refrigerator but not the stove. Which on it's face is okay but when it gets to closing time it can be a hassle. They want lots of time to do inspections and other details. These become items that have to be monitored and it stresses out the seller. 

Also a lot of the local agents…

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 I have an adorable listing up in the Santa Cruz mountains. And it is priced below $500,000 this is a popular price range for buyers, understandably so as it is affordable. At this price point it is probably better than renting.  And I get a ton of calls from very hopeful buyers and I feel like I'm somehow put in some position to educate them on what this home at this price point in this area really truly means. There is a bit of reality that needs to be understood in this price range I want to bridge the gap of reality and fantasy. 

I don't want to tell people they cannot get what they want in fact it's one of the worst parts of my job besides telling them there's something horribly wrong with a beloved property.  I do want people to understand…

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colorful house

The path to homeownership can be much like this photo brightly colored with hope and expectation but also can have a dark side of doubt and market volatility. In the past view weeks I have had the honor of representing buyers and sellers navigate this interesting market. So many ups and downs. Why would I talk about this, don't I just want to put you in the wagon and say giddee up and off we go into the home buying or selling landscape.

Yes I do but I want to prepare you. If you are a buyer certain areas of the market are white hot and the competition is stiff. I get calls every day from prospective buyers that tell me the market is going to correct and they are expecting to get a good price based on this coming financial downturn. While I…

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Do-it-yourself projects are in vogue these days. You can find advice online for everything from investing in crypto-currency to tearing down the living room wall. When considering the cost of moving, it’s natural to wonder if real estate commissions are one way to save money, but it would be a mistake. A good real estate agent might make it seem easy, but the fact is that selling your own home could actually cost you thousands of dollars.

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Sell Your Home without an Agent

  • 1. The Safety of Your Home and Family is a Priority – Real Estate agents control access to your home. When I put a lockbox on I know who is at your home and when.
  • 2. Most Serious Buyers Start their Search Online – As a professional listing agent I will…

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Your Starter Home vs. Your Forever Home Buying

A new home you own is exciting even if it is "co-owned" with the bank. Most people have visualized their dream home—large, inviting kitchen; multiple bedrooms for family and guests; perhaps a backyard with built-in BBQ, pool, and fireplace. Yet this dream is often out of reach financially for first-time homebuyers. These buyers are ready to find a starter home and perhaps are wondering if saving for a forever home makes more financial sense. Before making this decision, it’s important to consult with a professional financial advisor about your unique situation; more often than not, getting a starter home makes the most sense. 

Location, Location, Location, that is the three main ingredients right? Well…

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Welcome to your real estate reality! Yep real estate is online devoid of strange smells, vibes or sensations. Can a house be sold like this? Can a house be bought like this? It is a whole new world in real estate. Buyers are online as usual or more so because they cannot view the houses, wondering when they can get in a home. Sellers are wondering will a buyer, buy in such a closed environment if their home is harder to see with Covid showing procedures. There is a huge shift in how houses will be sold. This could be a good thing yet I do see a few pitfalls with the gains. Real estate agents will not become obsolete if anything they will be an important resource as they are the eyes and ears on the ground for the virtual buyer and seller. One large…

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At a really young age I knew I did not want to live in a rented home, my mother and my father rented their homes. My father lived in a converted chicken shack at one point. It was not really was too bad just really slanted floors. My mother rented her homes until I was 20 then purchased a condo. I am not sure they really cared much but I knew it was not the way to go. This is not to shame them on the basis of wealth but really it is security. They never really knew if they were going to be asked to move or if the rent was going to increased, most of their homes the landlords would not do any repairs. It just seemed so out of control and insecure.

This morning I realized the importance of a place you can feel safe and secure in. Now with the Shelter…

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