I have an adorable listing up in the Santa Cruz mountains. And it is priced below $500,000 this is a popular price range for buyers, understandably so as it is affordable. At this price point it is probably better than renting.  And I get a ton of calls from very hopeful buyers and I feel like I'm somehow put in some position to educate them on what this home at this price point in this area really truly means. There is a bit of reality that needs to be understood in this price range I want to bridge the gap of reality and fantasy. 

I don't want to tell people they cannot get what they want in fact it's one of the worst parts of my job besides telling them there's something horribly wrong with a beloved property.  I do want people to understand that buying property in Santa Cruz has a nuance to it and it's definitely easy to be lured into thinking there's always a deal out there. There are so many sites online, You Tube, HGTV shows and even friends and family that perpetuate the myth of the elusive castle for pennies unfortunately in my almost 16 years in the business I can tell you that while there is a home for you it may come in a price. It may cost more than you want to pay, it may not be in the location that you want to buy, it may need a lot of expensive work.

My purpose in this blog is just to help you understand the area that you're buying in and that you're looking in it's not to discourage you or as I've been accused of encouraging you to settle or live in an area you don't want to. It's just to give you a dose of reality of what it's really like to purchase here and that's to empower you and to understand the market here.  When you hire a market expert I would hope that they give you the good the bad and the ugly of the current market they are purported to be the expert of. If they're telling you, you can get whatever you want and whatever price range you want, just know you're looking at a lot of heartache, a lot of offers, a lot of rejection. This could possibly be the most rejection you experience in life!  Why didn't that seller take your offer with your sweet letter and your hopefulness. And it's not personal it's just the bottom line for sellers to go with the highest possible offer, or in the case of one offer my buyers made the seller was able to choose a nurse, and they were able to use their home sale to make a  social difference. But I can say the buyers were completely prepared as they knew there would be lots of competition. I know they were disappointed but I do believe they felt prepared.

Hiring a real estate agent to help you buy is important.  BTW I honestly do not believe you need to interview three agents and interview a bunch of people I think if you connect with that person please just hire them there's not going be anybody that's going to do a better job than somebody you trust. I believe a lot of that trust will be built on them telling you the good as well as the bad and giving you all the facts to help you make a great decision.  I always like to say I am your partner in real estate I don't want to be the one that's making the decisions for you but I want to make sure that when you make that decision you are completely armed with all the information possible and if not I will keep trying to get you more information. And sometimes the facts are not fun to hear but can make all the difference and hopefully will help you discern  real life and fantasy.

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