Moving, it really is not a pleasant experience it is one of the main reasons people don't move. The nightmare of missing items, boxes full of mystery items, the constant nagging of something not done, box not unpacked, forgotten bill not paid, it is just too much. The logistics is a nightmare. I get it. But if you think there is a better place waiting for you, I think you should give moving a shot. I understand selling your house, buying your house, moving out of your rental may just a lot to consider. Here is a start.

First and foremost understand YOU HAVE MORE STUFF THAN YOU THINK YOU DO! Okay let's start there. Easy, no decisions on where you are moving. If you are buying or selling, just start with the stuff. Do you have a large house full of items but you don't use any more, rooms full of stuff for spaces for family members who no longer live with you? I think to take the stress out of the move, the house needs to be at least 30-40% cleared out, donated, sold, given to family, and cleared out. Hire an estate liquidation company if you have a large house full of items they will check for antiques, collectibles, then sell the rest and dispose of unwanted items. Have a garage sale, and be reasonable, do not have too much attachment. Let the item go to a new home and do not worry about the worth. So many goods can be bought and delivered within 24 hours and it makes used goods less valuable. Be grateful someone is appreciative and kiss it goodbye. 

Try to estimate what you have left to work with, do you have papers that need to be shredded, Electronics to be sent to e-waste make a pile of not sure what to do but most importantly try to clear out unused rooms completely. Pack un-needed items, clean, breathe. Now concentrate on where you are going, what place has looked good to you, research, visit, and look for honest assessments of the new location. Hire a hauling company to have the yard cleared out.

The main thing I see when helping a seller sale their home is stuff, if the house is not full the garage is. And for buyers this is true as well. The comment heard over and over is "I did not realize how much stuff I had!"

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