Here is an idea for new year's resolutions you can keep! and no, I'm not talking about weight loss and I'm not talking about the lofty goals you may have for some personal transformation.

I'm talking about your house. If you're a buyer, seller, homeowner, I recommend a process that my husband and I have been doing since 2007. This is a list of stuff that we want to get done on the house, get redone or improve. And we do it every year. So we make a list of stuff. In 2017, 18 and 19  we did get some fixes, repairs and upgrades done and some we did not. Then 2020 we might actually have to torch this list because with COVID and life, we just didn't get to a lot of what we had planned done. But what we put on paper. We have lots of different things we want to do. There is what I call the fun stuff. A bedroom gets painted or gets carpet. This year I did get new bedside lamps newer, prettier, but most importantly much better for reading. And then we also put on the stuff that's not very sexy. That would be a driveway, a roof. This is maintenance and while very good for the home and necessary it is not as fun. But it needs to be done. And we just do this every year. On New Year's day, we sit down and scratch out a little list during breakfast. We don't typically party the night before so we're pretty ready to go. A lot of times we go out to breakfast but we won't be doing that for 2021. Our 2007 list is on a paper placemat from a restaurant. We come up with a list and fun things we want. We take into account; timing, FUNDS available and necessity. We also put on trips, savings goals, and my husband also has a truck that he's rebuilding and he puts the stuff on there that he wants to get done. That actually helps him. And I recommend it because for one it'll help you keep track of your maintenance. The other thing is it will improve the enjoyment of your home. And then it keeps you on track to make that phone call to a contractor, like I know I have somebody to get that work done but I just don't feel like calling. But it's on the list, it's a goal so I will end up doing it. If the item doesn't get done, it goes on next year's list. We have outdoor kitchen, it has been on the list for three years. Not sure about this one maybe this year. I have some stuff that we keep putting on the list, after a while if we don't do it, it gets taken off the list. Obviously we don't want it that bad or we need to re-evaluate while we did put it on the list. Maybe we wanted something else. Maybe we really don't want an outdoor kitchen. Maybe we just wanted a new barbecue. Anyway, those are my new year's resolutions tips for you no weight loss required! As a homeowner and/or as a buyer or seller, if you've just bought a property and you have some ideas and goals going down the road you can even put them on this year knowing full well you're not going get it done this year but it'll go on next year's list. That way the wheels are always turning about getting that work done. I also have people that might be able to help you get some of that work done. And I have ideas about maintenance and necessary fixes and fun stuff!

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