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225 Heath St, Santa Cruz, CA

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3 Beds - 1.5 Baths -1080 sq ft 5009 SQFT Lot
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225 Heath Street, Santa Cruz Open Sunday 10-3pmYour Blank Canvas awaits… imagine how you will transform this home! Nestled in the heart of the lower westside, this diamond in the rough offers the perfect opportunity for those looking to create their dream home in a superb location. With some TLC and a dash of creativity, this home has the potential to become a true masterpiece.Fixer-Upper Opportunity, renovate and customize it to your heart's desire. The potential is limitless! Reports are available and while the home is solid it needs some love and design. The…

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201 Gault St, Santa Cruz, CA



6665 SQFT Lot 630 SQFT each 1BR/1BA  HUGE backyards! SOLAR
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Cute Duplex right in the middle of town. This is the way to sneak in to the real estate market. Maybe the only Net Zero energy efficient Duplex in town! Over 600 sq ft each side with large primary bedrooms with walk-in closets, large bathrooms, and storage! Mud rooms great for pantry, and storage. And this place has SOLAR, that powers the heat/AC pumps. YEP AC! And the attic has been air sealed to increase efficiency of energy and manage the temperature. Newer wiring, water heaters, appliances, and bamboo flooring.  Easy maintenance great owner/rental property. Each…

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212 2nd Ave, Santa Cruz, CA

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2 Beds - 1 Baths - 2614 sqft Lot
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By the Sea, By the Sea ! Tucked in the avenues of Seabright just moments to Iconic Castle beach, this home offers charm, relaxation and an escape from the heat. Warm and inviting ambiance immediately makes you feel at home. The interior exudes a relaxed vibe with its simple yet tasteful design. This gem boasts a thoughtfully laid-out floor plan, making the most of its space to offer comfort and functionality. Timeless finishes that effortlessly blend with the beach house theme. Picture yourself in the sunny backyard enjoying the sea breeze. The beach is just a…

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One of the most desired neighborhoods of Watsonville. Here you'll discover a home that radiates charm and tranquility. Nestled among the picturesque streets, this inviting dwelling offers a cozy and comforting retreat, you will love the home's stylish exterior with a manicured yard and eclectic turquoise door. Inside are creamy interiors with beautiful wood floors. Large windows with gorgeous shutters allowing natural light to fill the rooms. The living room is a cozy sanctuary, where you’ll enjoy movie nights or a nice fire. The kitchen is equipped with newer appliances and ample counter space. Each room offers a tranquil ambiance, ensuring a good night's sleep and refreshed start to the day. There is a beautifully remodeled bathroom with lots of storage…

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Secrets Realtors Cannot Tell You!

I was having coffee with a client, and she was telling me she had a rough time with someone who did not tell the truth. And we got into this conversation about the different languages that are spoken in America. And she goes, well, it kind of boils down to, you know, English....and, lying, I added, lying is the second language in America. It is in style. This was not a political conversation we were having, we were talking about scammers out there online, people who lie about who they are. Both of our phones were ringing with spam calls at this time. We talked about having to be so guarded and people don't tell you the truth about things and they don't tell you the truth about who they are, and they make personas. It is hard to know what their real…

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How to buy a house! ~ I wrote this in 2015 and in some ways it is very quaint. It makes me long for simpler times. 

Buying a home is a scary prospect and I typically find that buyers who are not scared are either not really going to buy a house or bought a home before or have a relative who was in the real estate business.  Why is it scary? There are lots of reasons…

For a couple this can signify a bigger commitment than marriage because now there is mortgage. Mortgages are not easy to dissolve and may prove harder to dissolve than the marriage. Fear of the unknown, the housing market goes up and down and where it will go nobody knows. Buyers worry about their jobs, people’s jobs are no longer stable. This fact has changed in the last 5 years.…

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For the last two years, January just took off like a rocket, continued pretty crazy upstream, till about May. Usually when school lets out and vacations and other summer activities begin. Let's not count 2020. But, 2021 looked about like that. People started getting back into having family get togethers, and parties, and things started to be normal. So, we did see a dip last summer as more distractions of the season came about. Yet last January 1st the market took off like a shot. But are we really in a sellers market? What are sellers going to do this year. First I will summarize sellers and let you in on a secret about seller's markets and buyer's markets.

First Let us profile sellers.

This year, January 1st was crickets. It's okay. Really, as…

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There once was the idea that agents should not be paid so much, and we often do get paid a lot of money. I will not go into what we pay to stay in business here. We are one of the last professions that has not been arbitraged and had our commission's turned into scale. Kind of like travel agents and other industries that have just been decimated by the online revolution. I started in 2004. There was no Zillow, and the internet was not really anything at that point. Because speeds were so slow, not a lot could be done with real estate with all the pictures and information. The internet speed increased and made real estate more viable online and Zillow came in.  2010 is when they came to all the real estate offices and they became more known to the…

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