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Are you thinking of selling your house as is? What does that really mean? Is it really that easy? You just throw it on the market and that's all there is to it? I'm going to give you a couple pros and cons of selling as is, and then I'm going to explore what it really means in the market.

First, the pro, is you don't have to do anything. No stagers. No painting. No carpet. No nothing. You just throw it on the market, right? And everybody's going to love it. The other pro is not having to wait, hope that contractors are going to get back to you and call you back. You're going to come give me your money, and we're going to be done, right? Well, it's a little more complicated than that, but let's get…

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For the last two years, January just took off like a rocket, continued pretty crazy upstream, till about May. Usually when school lets out and vacations and other summer activities begin. Let's not count 2020. But, 2021 looked about like that. People started getting back into having family get togethers, and parties, and things started to be normal. So, we did see a dip last summer as more distractions of the season came about. Yet last January 1st the market took off like a shot. But are we really in a sellers market? What are sellers going to do this year. First I will summarize sellers and let you in on a secret about seller's markets and buyer's markets.

First Let us profile sellers.

This year, January 1st was crickets. It's okay. Really, as…

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There once was the idea that agents should not be paid so much, and we often do get paid a lot of money. I will not go into what we pay to stay in business here. We are one of the last professions that has not been arbitraged and had our commission's turned into scale. Kind of like travel agents and other industries that have just been decimated by the online revolution. I started in 2004. There was no Zillow, and the internet was not really anything at that point. Because speeds were so slow, not a lot could be done with real estate with all the pictures and information. The internet speed increased and made real estate more viable online and Zillow came in.  2010 is when they came to all the real estate offices and they became more known to the…

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