The key to buying and selling in Santa Cruz...maybe in life...

Posted by Michele Replogle on Tuesday, September 29th, 2020 at 2:55pm.

Looking back at all the successful transactions I have had and combing over the best experiences that I believed have been had either on the buying and or selling side. The smoothest of transactions that I have seen is where the buyer and sellers have been flexible. 

Now I am not saying the buyer asking for money back and the seller said yes. Or the seller has come to the buyer and said I am taking all the appliances. I am talking about we need another day or two here to move out, or we need extra time on our loan. And instead of fighting it, the happiest of buyers and sellers evaluated what would work for them and we worked it out!

I always say it is either time or money and often times that is really all most of the transactions boil down to. But I will say considering if the request from the other side is doable and not too much of a hassle, do it, not only will it get you on your way, it will help you remember your transaction as a good experience. 

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