Here we are in a time in the world where we are really all in it together. This brief blog is just to let you know I believe it is going to be okay. People are so resilient, humans have lived through so much through out the ages we will get through this too. Hang in there. 

Years ago, 30 to be exact I was pregnant with my son, I was really panicking the world seemed to be going to ruins I was certain my child would be born into an all out disaster. But I was talking to a friend during this pregnancy and he said you know the world will keep spinning, it is going to be okay, the sun will come up and as a civilization we have made great strides the world powers really don't want to destroy everything. I calmed down and still remember it to this day. Then we had a huge earthquake! And as unsettling as that was this was a tremendous time to go through, to see how the community pulled together and eventually daylight appeared. I have been through personal and environmental disasters and while going through it was rough, yet watching the humanity and people pulling together for a common good is very inspiring. Unsubscribe from the negative and naysayers and as Mister Rogers says "look for the helpers."

Times of crisis can restore our faith in humanity and remind us there are a lot of good people in the world. So don't worry, real estate will not tank, hold on, it will be okay and please call me if you would like reassurance it is something I do best because I believe it!



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